Soft Laser Treatment

Soft laser treatment is an excellent alternative healthcare option that promotes healing and symptom relief. At The Get Well Center, our specialization in alternative healthcare allows us to create a supplemental treatment plan specially for you. If you believe soft laser treatment could be right for you, make sure to contact us, today!

Soft Laser Treatment's Beginning

The discovery in Europe of the wonderful healing properties of alternative laser treatment therapy has simplified health care enormously. Laser therapy not only speeds up recovery tremendously but sometimes it may even make it possible to help patients with conditions for which there was no relief in the past.

The large soft or low-level laser is widely used in Europe and doctors have found that when a higher setting is used heavy metals are neutralized or removed from the body. In Europe, it is well known that once the metals have been removed or they have been neutralized by using the laser, many cancers stops growing and soon begin to disappear. The European doctors found that if the laser is used together with a homeopathic imprinter, virtually all early cancers and even some advanced cancers rapidly reverse and many tumors soon begin to go away. In some cases, the tumors shrink so fast that a big improvement can be seen from one day to the next.

This is the main reason why it is believed in Europe that cancer is primarily caused by heavy metals such as mercury, nickel, and cadmium. European doctors have found that it is impossible to develop tumors or cancer if the large laser and the imprinter are used regularly for prevention.

Unfortunately, too many individuals and organizations are heavily committed to keeping things the way they are. Consequently, they will do everything they can to resist change.

* Results may vary person to person

Treatment History

Case History #1

Our son was born with a large cyst in his brain. He made no response when spoken to and just stared vacantly into space. We were told that the only solution was surgery to remove the cyst. However, they warned us that surgery could result in serious damage to our son’s brain and that it was possible that he would never be normal. On the suggestion of a friend we tried laser treatments twice a day. Within two months all signs of the cyst disappeared and an MRI showed that it had shrunk to half its size. Our son now appears to be quite normal and we hope that the cyst will go away altogether.

* results may vary person to person

Case History #2

I had a severe case of psoriasis and my entire body was covered in large lesions. The treatments that we tried helped very little. After a month of laser treatments twice a day, however, my psoriasis disappeared and has not come back!

* results may vary person to person

Case History #3

In summer of 1998, I woke one morning to find that I could hardly raise my left arm because it was so weak. By next day, it was completely paralyzed. I consulted many doctors, none of whom could find out the cause of the problem. MRIs, CT scans and numerous other tests showed nothing. When there was no improvement in three months, on the advice of a friend I went to have a laser treatment, without really believing it could possibly do any good. But it only took ten minutes and cost a mere forty dollars, so why not? To my utter surprise when I woke up next morning I noticed some movement in my arm and within a month I was back to normal. There is now no difference in the strength of my two arms. Ten years have passed and there hasn’t been any recurrence of the problem.

By: Susan Gorkos, John Luckecki, DC

* results may vary person to person