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Juan C. Penhos, M.D.

General & Alternative Medicine Practitioner in Ohio

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General Medicine Integrative Medicine

George Washington University School of Medicine,

Washington D.C. Medical School


Dr. Penhos has been a physician since 1973 when he graduated from George Washington University School of Medicine. He completed his Surgery residency at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, which included a rotation at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York for surgical oncology. Board Certified in Surgery, he practiced until 2001 when he decided to pursue his interest in Integrative Medicine as an Alternative Medicine Practitioner.

He adheres to a Systems Model of disease where an understanding of an illness must include pertinent facts derived from all levels of investigation and their relationship to each other, without ascribing “cause” to anyone factor; this would include physical, emotional, and behavioral forces.

Changing his focus, Dr. Penhos learned from colleagues with the same interests, journals, conferences, and most importantly, from patients who are often the best teachers. He realizes the limitations, as well as the benefits of traditional medicine. He emphasizes prevention, diet, exercise, stress management, supplements, hormone balancing, and detoxification. He continues to stay current with traditional medicine and surgery as well as Integrative Medicine. Dr. Penhos’ area of interest is the management of cancer with particular attention to Insulin Potentiation Targeted-Low Dose (IPT/LD) where he has been certified since 2007. His background in surgery has been valuable in the management of the cancer patient and helping him or her make the best decision possible as to what the best treatment might be.

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