What to do Before You Begin Traditional Cancer Treatment

Any cancer diagnosis brings a wave of emotions: confusion, anger, sadness, and fear. You want to do anything to improve your health as quickly as possible and return to your life.

While taking action is essential, your cancer treatment will yield better results if you get to know your body before committing to a plan. Traditional therapies like chemotherapy can damage the very body they are intended to heal if selected and administered ineffectively.

Before beginning the process, it’s important to breathe, take a step back, and gather all the information you can about what and who you’re treating.

The Greek Test

The RGCC test, commonly referred to as the “Greek Test” because it is performed only in Greece, analyzes your blood sample to uncover a profile for your specific cancer cell type.

This profile is tested against dozens of common chemotherapy drugs and natural treatments. These results are used to determine which therapies may be the most effective at fighting the circulating tumor cells and cancer stem cells in your system.

With targeted results, you can get the proper treatment at the start, ensuring that you’re doing the very best for your body.

How to Take the Greek Test

Chances are, you don’t live in Greece. But the good news is you don’t have to get on a plane to access the most effective treatment for your cancer. The Get Well Center, located in Mansfield, Ohio, provides access to RGCC testing analysis by sending your blood sample to a laboratory in Greece and obtaining results in two weeks.

The Greek Test consultation process is straightforward and designed to give you peace of mind that caring medical professionals are targeting your cancer promptly and effectively.

With all the challenges that a cancer diagnosis brings, don’t you want to ensure you’re doing the best for your body? With the Get Well Center, you can find out what you’re made of, customize a plan, and begin your journey to healing.