What is Lymphatic Therapy?

If you’ve heard of lymphatic therapy, you might know that it is a form of alternative medicine: a more natural, holistic ailment method than prescription medicinal therapies. Lymphatic therapy is the process of draining lymph tissues of their waste so that the fluids properly circulate back to the hear.

This means that the process of inflammation is naturally disrupted because fluid flow becomes regulated, and clumped lymph cells are separated.

How It Works

Lymphatic therapy is achieved with what is called a Light Beam Generator. This generator is a light device that targets specific lymphatic regions that are swelled or inflamed. The generator uses extremely low currencies of electromagnetic photons to transfer light energy to the cells in targeted areas.

What it Treats

While the LBG works to re-balance energy, it removes unnatural food additives and steroids. As you can imagine, this process is very healthy for the body. It can restore debilitating symptoms of several conditions, including cellulitis, allergies, sciatica, and more. Lymphatic therapy can also be used as a preventative measure against chronic headaches, breast pain, prostate enlargement, and even breast and prostate cancers.

Is lymphatic therapy right for you? Before deciding, consult a trusted physician at your local alternative medicine clinic. Don’t have one? Consider the Get Well Center in Mansfield, Ohio! We will work with you to create a personalized plan to meet your specific physical, mental, and emotional health goals. Contact us online today to learn more!