What is Alternative Medicine Rejuvenating Detoxification?

What Causes Early Aging? When reflecting on ourselves, we often feel old or think we look more aged. Maybe our body hurts, we have some grey hair, or we feel run down. Did you know, however, that early aging is a real phenomenon caused by actual bodily defensive mechanisms or lack thereof? Today, the Get Well Center will go over common reasons for premature aging and how to help slow it down and alleviate your aging process.

Before we get into how the Get Well Center can help you treat early aging, let’s first look at what causes early aging. The first cause is the buildup of free radicals in our bodies. In our bodies, which are comprised of molecules, oxygen molecules can have an uneven amount of electrons. This makes them unstable and more likely to try to bond with other molecules. This can set off chain reactions in the body, causing oxidation. Another way that early aging occurs is the body’s buildup of unwanted toxins. When the body does not expel them properly, toxins build up. They can cause an array of ailments, such as aches, diarrhea, fatigue, and more! Finally, if your body is not partaking in cellular division.

Chelating Therapy

One approved way to fight early aging is through chelating therapy! This type of therapy focuses on the amount of metals in your body. In the process, chelating agents are inserted into the body, which helps to expel the buildup of harmful metals that slow the aging process.

Cellular Therapy

In cellular therapy, the focus is set on the aging cells in the body. In this process, old cells are substituted homeopathically. This helps cycle out an aging cell. Furthermore, this will increase the functionality of the body.

Natural Bio-identical Hormone Replacement

In this process, the body’s natural hormones must be regulated. According to your specific case, the Get Well Center will craft a proper hormonal treatment for you. You may have hormonal imbalances in your body. By adjusting levels of estrogen, testosterone, and others, we can help you stay balanced and functional!

Before taking on any of these therapies, consult your trusted physician at your local alternative medicine clinic, the Get Well Center! Call us at (419) 524-2676 or visit our website to learn more!