There Are More Cancer Therapy Options Than You Think

Learn All About Your Options

Living with cancer can be challenging to manage your pain and participate in therapy. Often, patients will feel stuck in a rut or tired of repeatedly trying the same treatments. That is why so many are turning to alternative cancer therapy treatments, but what are these treatments?

One of the most effective cancer therapy treatments is intravenous high-dose vitamin C. It has been found that many cancer patients exhibit deficient levels of vitamin C in their bodies. Intravenous high doses of vitamin C will help your body fight cancer cells with its antioxidant properties and collagen-producing enzymes.

The second cancer therapy option worth noting is insulin-potentiated therapy or IPT. When a patient is participating in chemotherapy or on other medication, they often experience many unpleasant side effects. IPT helps alleviate these symptoms caused by chemotherapy. This option is excellent for those wishing to add something else to their cancer therapy strategy without moving away from more conventional treatments.

You should know that the final cancer therapy option is Mild Silver Protein 1200. Those with cancer often are immunocompromised and can easily be affected by other illnesses. Mild Silver Protein 1200 works with your body to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mycoplasmas, keeping your body safe when your immune system is down.

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