Preventative Health Tips

Keeping yourself well is better than getting well again once you’re sick. With flu and cold season well underway and the new coronavirus cases in the U.S., it’s important to keep yourself healthy. In this blog, we’ll go over tips and suggestions to do daily to help ward off sickness.

Wash your hands. You cannot wash your hands too much! Also, don’t be in a hurry. Give handwashing the time it deserves to be thorough. The CDC recommends washing your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds each time. They also say that hand sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol-based is acceptable if soap and water are not readily available.

Don’t sneeze into your hands. If you must sneeze, ensure you’re sneezing on the inside of your elbow and not on your hands. Even better, sneeze into a tissue and throw it away! It couldn’t hurt to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer whenever you sneeze.

Try not to touch your face. When you touch your face, you transfer whatever is on your hands to your face. For example, let’s say someone sneezed into their hands and touched a doorknob before you. When you touch that doorknob, you will pick up their germs. Then, when touching your face, you are transferring those germs to your face.

If you’re sick, stay at home. As much as you might be worried about the tasks you have to accomplish at work, you don’t want to get coworkers and customers sick. It’s best not to spread contamination further. So, we highly recommend staying home until you are well.

Drink enough water. Making sure that you’re hydrated can go a long way when it comes to preventative health. Don’t wait until you feel extremely thirsty or lightheaded. Kick off your day with a healthy dose of water.

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We hope to fight disease, reduce pain, restore health, and improve function.