Natural Cancer Therapy at the Get Well Center

We are passionate about providing holistic and alternative medicine.

We believe that the more natural a medication is, the better off our patients are. Cancer therapy is one of our niche offerings. This blog post will discuss the natural cancer therapy options we can provide here at the Get Well Center in Mansfield, Ohio!

We believe that several therapeutic modalities, when given alone or with targeted low-dose chemotherapy, have been shown to dramatically increase survival times in virtually all stages and most cancer types. They also augment the base treatment efficacy in tumor cell destruction and help fortify the body’s immune system, thus minimizing side effects. These include:

  • Insulin Potentiated Therapy (IPT) for Cancer, Arthritis, and Infections
  • Specific Cancer cell Enzyme Inhibitors (Poly MVA)
  • Targeting Agents (Hyaluronic Acid
  • Immune Therapy: Natural killer cell stimulants (AHCC, MGNIII, Iscador, Shark Cartilage)
  • Tumor cell fibrin coating inhibitors (Wobenzyme)
  • Angiogenesis Inhibitors (Cox II)
  • Oxygenation Therapies: H202, Ozone, Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy
  • Mild Silver Protein 1200
  • Mild Silver Protein 1200, even in low doses routinely kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mycoplasmas
  • High-dose vitamin C (non-corn base) IV therapy
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Lymphatic therapy light beam generator with ozone
  • Mild Silver Protein 1200 IV for viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections
  • Detoxification: ion cleanse, liver cleanse, colon cleanse, infrared sauna, coffee enema, chelation (oral and IV)
  • Hyperthermia: far infrared sauna with ozone
  • Exercise: free gym access
  • Nutritional therapy

We know it can be hard to know what you should and should not eat when dealing with cancer. That’s why we offer personalized care with an organic cancer diet PO and nutrition IVs. You don’t have to be afraid of aggravating medication side effects.

The Get Well Center is all about giving our patients the best, most natural treatments possible. While our primary goal might be to treat your cancer, we also understand that you are much more than a disease. Therefore, we do not simply treat a disease. We treat the whole person. We want you to be empowered to lead a healthy, long life. To learn more about our natural cancer therapy options, we encourage you to call our office at (419) 524-2676 to schedule an appointment.