Greek Testing

No one ever wants to hear, ‘You have cancer.’ However, just because you’ve been diagnosed doesn’t mean that it is the end. Many treatments have helped many people defeat cancer in their lives, including holistic healing methods available at the Get Well Center. The way we begin any cancer treatment is through what is called a Greek Test. We start by drawing blood and then sending the sample to RGCC. This genetics research facility specializes in providing doctors and patients with a way to determine the best course of action when making a treatment plan. This allows each patient to have a plan catered to their needs rather than a single catch-all approach that some treatment centers use.

Greek Testing, a relatively new approach to treating cancer, can help recognize where new developing cancers may be starting, help monitor current cancers, and help physicians choose the correct natural medicine treatment for any patient. The primary way that Greek Testing measures all this is through Circulating Tumor Cells released from the current cancer cluster and entering circulation in the body. Analyzing these cells allows doctors to determine the best course of action regarding cancer treatment.

Overall, Greek Testing can help patients and physicians alike make the right decision on how to treat cancer and pick a treatment that will still allow the patient to at least live normally as they were before. Using alternative cancer treatments has been shown to increase survival times and help to fortify the immune system of the patient, which can reduce the side effects of treatment.

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