Benefits of Intravenous Therapy

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Intravenous therapy, also known as “IV therapy,” refers to the administration of medications and nutrition directly through a patient’s vein (“intravenous” means “into the vein”). This is beneficial for those who have difficulties or are even unable to take supplements orally.

One of the most common types of IV therapy is the Myers’ Cocktail, aptly named after its innovator Dr. John Myers, MD. The Myers’ Cocktail can contain magnesium, calcium, vitamin c, and various types of b vitamins that aid in treating asthma, insomnia, migraines, and even depression! Additionally, many of the ingredients that formulate a conventional Myers’ Cocktail can be taken individually to promote immunity and health and prevent digestive issues – meaning that one does not necessarily have to be ill to benefit from this method.

Another commonly administered form of IV treatment is TPN or total parenteral nutrition. The “enteral” route is the digestive tract; ergo, “parenteral” refers to a route other than the digestive tract. TPN can contain many nutrients, including protein, carbohydrates, and glucose. This is beneficial for those unable to receive these supplements conventionally. For example, someone without a functioning gastrointestinal tract might require TPN. One major benefit of TPN is that the administration of the solution is designed to help patients stay mobile, eliminating a few of the inconveniences caused by being unable to pass nutrition into the stomach. A TPN formula might even have to be carefully formulated to fit a patient’s dietary needs.

saline solution iv drip graphicAt the Get Well Center, your medical practitioner will recommend and carry out the best alternative medicine available for what ails you. Still, it’s always recommended to take preventative measures first! When you come to see us, be sure to make your physician aware of any allergies you may have, then ask us about receiving a Myers’ Cocktail or perhaps a boost of vitamin c to get just the recharge you may need.

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