Colon Therapy

What is alternative colon irrigation therapy?

Alternative Colon Therapy in Ohio

An alternative colon irrigation therapy uses the Wood Gravitational Method. It is an internal bath that helps cleanse the colon of poisons, gas, and accumulated fecal matter. Unlike an enema, it does not involve the retention of water. There is no discomfort, no internal pressure, just a steady gentle flow in and out of the colon. At the same time, an abdominal massage is given to stimulate the colon to recover its natural shape, tone, and peristaltic wave action.

How is a colonic administered?

A person receiving a colonic lies on a table 18″ below the temperature-controlled input tank. A sterilized speculum is gently inserted in the rectum. Water flow, which is always under the direct control of the practitioner, flows into the colon via a small water tube and out through the evacuation tube carrying with it impacted feces and mucus. As the water flows out of the colon, the practitioner gently massages the abdomen to help the colon release its contents. It is possible to see this expelled waste matter when it passes through a special viewing window in the evacuation tube. The person is well covered and their modesty is given top priority during the procedure. This colonic process takes only 20 to 30 minutes, saving you time, but never sacrificing quality.

What are the benefits of alternative colon irrigation therapy?

Colonics often reduce symptoms from a variety of disturbances by cleansing the colon of impacted and putrefactive fecal matter. Fatigue, gas, headaches, irritability, skin problems, cold hands and feet, and lethargy are among the problems some people have found to be lessened by a holistic approach to colon cleansing. Constipation, of course, is another as well as chronic diarrhea. Your sense of well-being is often improved with colon irrigations. You may feel lighter and more energetic! The body can again assimilate food in the colon and better defend itself against disease. Natural peristalsis, tone and regularity are restored and many serious diseases may be averted through this gentle, sterile, scientific technique. Colonics are a key factor in the restoration of the body’s natural balance or what we call good health.

Are there any side effects to colonics?

There are few to none. It is not uncommon however, for some people to start to feel like they have a cold or headache after a colonic. Toxins which have been lying dormant in the colon are now being flushed out and a small amount may be reabsorbed into the body’s system. This healing crisis passes quickly and the person will realize a feeling of well-being with further sessions.

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Is alternative colon therapy right for you?

If you’ve been considering alternative colon therapy, sometimes it can be difficult to decide if treatment is right for you. At the Get Well Center, we can help you decide if these treatments are right for you when you schedule an appointment with us here. If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms, then our treatments may be right for you. These include:

  • Indigestion
  • Bloating
  • Colitis
  • Constipation
If you feel that any of these conditions are upsetting your normal life, then it’s time to schedule with the Get Well Center! Our experienced physicians are ready to help guide you on your unique path to health.
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