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My name is Dennis Laferty, Sr. I injured my shoulder when I was twenty-eight, I am now fifty-years-old. I have had three surgeries, thirty-seven implants, and an anchor to hold the bicep muscle to the bone. Due to all of this, I lost 30 to 45% of use of my shoulder. I could not lift my arm above my head as the pain was very bad. The pain was also constant.

My orthopedic surgeon informed me that total reconstructive surgery would need to be done on my shoulder. My general practice physician, Dr. Penhos, recommended a new treatment called “Prolozone”. I was at the point where I would try anything for relief so I agreed.

After just 2 treatments with Prolozone therapy, I now have full use of my arm and shoulder. I have very little pain remaining. I feel like a new person! The treatment really works. I would recommend this to anyone who suffers from joint pain.

Thank you Dr. Penhos and The Get Well Center for giving me a part of my life back.

Dennis Laferty, Sr

Dennis L., Sr.
Mansfield, Ohio.

Mike B.
Mansfield, Ohio

I was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in January 1985. The disease progressed normally under medication (Sinemet, etc) until September/October 2003, when I underwent a Bi-lateral Deep Brain Stimulation at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. This operation resulted in an improvement of my symptoms, but did not improve certain of the symptoms such as slurred speech, shuffling, dyskinesia, and drooling.

In April 2004 while performing an internet search, I discovered The Get Well Center in Mansfield, Ohio. I subsequently contacted Mrs. Chung and took the Parkinson’s disease treatment. At the end of the thirty-day protocol, I made an appointment with my Neurologist who pronounced me as being “free of any symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.” As of today March 5, 2005, I have no symptoms of the disease.

James Fox

I had a heart attack in May 1993 and had a single bypass. Then I took rehab therapy, and they realized I needed oxygen. So, I had a test and was diagnosed with “Pulmonary Fibrosis” and put on oxygen 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I also had a lot of pain in my back, legs, arms, and neck and had some lumps in my muscles, which were very sore (especially when they took my blood pressure).

I saw The Get Well Center advertisement in the Mansfield News Journal and made an appointment with Dr. Jadaan. He referred me to Mrs. Insook Chung and I had the Hair Test taken for a diagnosis. In November 2004 I started taking Ultraviolet Therapy treatments three times a week for 12 treatments. By Christmas Day 2004 I did not have to use Oxygen during the day as my oxygen saturation level was at 98%; whereas before it was at 83%.

Now I am taking the IV Therapy treatment every two weeks as maintenance. It is such a joy not to carry the oxygen everywhere I go.

Presently I am taking Chelation Therapy, Nutrition Therapy, and Plaqex Therapy along with supplements revealed from the Meridian Stress Test. I don’t have near the pain that I was having. I have a lot more energy, and it feels good not to have to take pain pills anymore.

Mary Jane M.
Mansfield, Ohio

At 31 years old, I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer which had spread to my bones. After the diagnosis I started to look at my options for treatment. I knew I did not want to do regular chemo. My dad found the Get Well Center and suggested I go there. When I arrived there I could barely walk and my overall health was very poor. After 8 weeks of various treatments and low dose chemo (IPT) I have experienced a drastic change. I can walk better, I feel better, and my cancer markers are down. Mrs. Chung, the nurses, and staff truly care about getting you well. The various treatments are explained to you and they treat you based on your individual need, not what the protocol is. If you come here, you have to be willing to make a lifestyle change. The staff here will support you on that journey.

Fairlawn, Ohio

I first heard about the Get Well Center while getting Vitamin C infusions at another doctor. I thought it all sounded very logical and good so I called and talked to Mrs. Chung. After sending all my records, my husband and I went and talked to Dr. Penhos and Mrs. Chung. We then decided this was the way to go. I had been diagnosed with colon cancer in late June 2015; had a section removed including the ileocecal valve. I tried various nutritional programs even traveling to New York, but nothing seemed to be helping. My cancer marker was 300 when I first came to the Get Well Center and it is now at 9. With the IPT, detox, nutrition, and other means of support I am gaining back my health slowly. Dr. Penhos and his staff are very supportive and explain everything to you. Mrs. Chung, Grace, and Gracie take care of you like you are their only patient. I know that God directed me here and has been my great physician. Each day he uses the people at the Get Well Center to help heal people and give them hope for the future.

Jed Swift 
Columbus, Ohio

When Casey was diagnosed with Stage III cancer, the first thing he searched for on the way home was somewhere to get IV Vitamin C. The Get Well Center was the first thing that came up in the Google search!

My priority was the Greek test! We were so thankful and relieved to have somewhere close that we could go and get both of those, so much more, and also support for our holistic beliefs.

Our cancer journey has been more like a date, than “treatment”. We always look forward to the interesting people we get to talk to when there.

We are so thankful for Mrs. Chung, Dr. Penhos, Gracie, Grace, Tabitha, Kim, and the rest of the staff!

Casey is now 18 months out with clean scans!!! He still follows a strict organic plant-based diet, and doing well! If you would like to follow our “Adventures” I have a Facebook page called Adventures with Jodi (because I had a major recovery from something else before he was diagnosed).

Casey and Jodi Ledley

Before I came to the Get Well Center, I could not work very long before I had to sit down and rest for a few hours. I couldn’t climb stairs without being very short of breath and my heart would race. I could not get very warm or breathe properly. I was always so tired. Some mornings I would wake up just not feeling well and I’d have to lay down again. I would sleep all day and still be tired; I had no energy.

Now after taking the treatments that Mrs. Chung suggested, I feel so good! I can work like I haven’t worked in 10 years! I feel so good! I can go up and down stairs without my heart racing and I have so much more energy! I would recommend their treatment to anyone! Thank you, Mrs. Ching. And thank you God for my good health!

H. Mike Bailey

I (H. Mike Bailey) experienced chest pain and difficulty breathing while exercising on a treadmill in June of 2001. This angina and dyspnea were caused by a 99% blockage of the anterior descending artery, which was diagnosed at Mid Ohio Heart Clinic shortly afterward.

Upon Mid Ohio Heart Clinic’s diagnosis of the problem area of the heart, I was rushed to Mansfield Med Central Hospital where I underwent angioplasty, which immediately relieved the pain. A stent was placed in the area of the anterior descending artery where the major blockage had occurred and another stent was placed in a smaller vessel off of the same main artery.

Shortly after the angioplasty procedure, I was speaking to Dr. Rusty Whittamire and another close friend of mine (Don Miller) and they recommended that I start a treatment called chelation therapy as soon as possible. Of course, I had never heard of such a process and immediately started acquiring information on the web.

To my astonishment, I was totally amazed that a treatment like this existed and wasn’t recognized by the AMA as a preventive measure to ward off heart disease and other illnesses and medical conditions. The more I read on chelation, the more intrigued I became.

I contacted Dr. Hoyoung Chung at the Get Well Center in July 2001 and immediately started taking chelation (EDTA) treatments. I initially took treatments (one per week) and have been taking a maintenance treatment every six weeks for the last four years.

In conjunction with the chelation treatments, I dropped forty pounds of weight and exercise several times a week. That exercise usually consists of a 40-minute workout in which I run at a top speed of 9MPH or speed walk at various inclines. I occasionally lift weights for upper body strength. I feel great and have had no chest pain or difficulty breathing since 2001. Not too bad considering I just celebrated my 51st birthday and that I am still on the job as an Assistant Fire Chief with the City of Mansfield, Ohio. I’m a firm believer in chelation therapy. I truly feel that it has kept my heart and surrounding vessels clear of any blockages. I plan on continuing this regiment of chelation, exercise, and watching my diet closely. The old saying “The proof is in the pudding!” holds true.

I would highly recommend the treatments to anyone experiencing a heart problem or other condition. If you’re unsure and a little apprehensive of the treatment, visit the clinic and speak with other people who have had the treatments or obtain information online or from the local library.

In closing, I hope that you will make the right decision and undergo the chelation treatments. If there is anything that I can personally do to reassure or inform you, please leave your phone number with Mrs. Insook Chung and I will personally call you.

Sincerely, H.M. Bailey

Elizabeth A.
Mansfield, Ohio

The care given to me by The Get Well Center staff, most particularly Mrs. Insook Chung and Grace, has been beyond what one could ever hope to receive at an out-patient or even in-patient clinic.

When I would become extremely cold during the IV therapy, I was offered the thermal bed to bring warmth and soothing comfort. Many times my needs were anticipated and met by Grace and Mrs. Chung before I became aware of that need.

The physical surroundings are quite pleasant. Bright lights for reading are also most conveniently dimmed for napping.

My therapy has restored my well-being and health. The immune system building after a cancer diagnosis has not robbed me of the quality of life that conventional treatment would have devastated.

I have heard many conversations while receiving hours of treatment. We have come from different experiences and each has a philosophy of his won bet, but we all agree on the alternative, individualistic treatment. Loving and concerned care is given here at The Get Well Center.

Tammy P.
Palm Bay, Florida

I was a patient of The Get Well Center, in Mansfield, Ohio in 2015. I came there, with my 2nd onset of Breast Cancer, and was discouraged as well as concerned. I felt like I was surrounded by family at the center. Mrs. Chung was kind, and caring and spearheaded my recovery plan. Grace was strong and took a personal interest in each of her patients. I felt that I received exceptional care from the staff. I continue as a patient of Dr. Penhos and feel that everyone at the center is in my corner to help me heal. My cancer markers hit the high 300’s. Currently, one of my markers is in the normal range, and the other is only 15 points from normal. I feel this is in large part, due to the care I received at The Get Well Center and I recommend them highly. I thank them, with all my heart.

Patricia V.

In 1988 I went to India and picked up a serious pathogen that made me ill off and on for 28 years. I have been everywhere seeking help including the Cleveland Clinic, The Mayo Clinic, The Lahey Clinic, and National Jewish Hospital. None of them ever had any answers and I remained ill until finding the Get Well Center right in my backyard in Mansfield, Ohio. (I live in Columbus, Ohio).

The treatments at the Get Well Center, under the careful supervision of Dr. Penhos and Mrs. Chung, have helped enormously with this pathogen and rebuilt my immune system to the point where I now have a normal healthy life again at 67. None of these treatments have ever been tried on me and they have worked well. As well, the staff has been very skillful, knowledgeable, and compassionate and I have enjoyed interacting with them very much.

I am extremely grateful to all of you and will pass the word as best I can so others can know of this kind of treatment. I recommend this clinic and approach to anyone who has a similar condition or any kind of chronic illness. For me, it has made a huge difference.

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  • Avatar Rita Lang ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    I, like other patients of the Get Well Center, came to the center seeking an alternative treatment option for my cancer. From the first visit, I knew I had made the right choice. The Dr Penhos, Mrs Chung and entire staff have been very … More supportive establishing a treatment program, building my immune system and teaching me about how to fight cancer by changing my diet.
    The journey has been long with many highs and lows; but the results have been a cancer condition that has shrunk significantly. I can’t speak highly enough of the staff and patients. I feel part of a family when I am at the clinic. We work together building each other up to change our new lives living with cancer.
    If you are looking for an alternative way to treat your cancer, the Get Well Center is a great choice! God bless this place..
  • Avatar Amanda Finfrock ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    My 77 year old father has been receiving treatments at the Get Well Center for 5 months. He has reoccurring colorectal cancer. We were very concerned if my father received conventional chemotherapy, that his body may not sustain the damage … More it can cause. Especially since he is a diabetic, only has one kidney and has a nephrostomy tube. The center has taken such amazing care of my Dad. He has received IPT and other immune therapy. His cancer marker numbers are down and he has not endured any side effects. Dr. Penhos and NP Mrs. Chung are extremely caring medical professionals and have given my father incredible care. I have witnessed this first hand and would be happy to speak with anyone who wishes to gain more information about our journey.
  • Avatar Mark Renison ★★★★★ 5 years ago
    I was in immense hip pain and the treatments I received helped me maintain my day to day routine. The really liked the staff and doctor. Great folks and they treated me like family. I highly recommend them.