Rejuvenation Therapy Ohio

Reduce Early Aging With Alternative Medicine

Rejuvenation therapy is an alternative procedure that can help detox your body while decreasing hormonal effects and increasing cell health. At the Get Well Center, our holistic, customized treatment options work with you and your body to promote wellness and combat the effects of early aging.

Aging occurs at an earlier age when we have a failing defense system due to:

  • Increase of free radicals
  • Build-up of toxins
  • Decrease in hormonal secretions
  • Decrease in cellular division

The revitalization protocol combines:

  • Chelation therapy
  • Natural Bio-identical Hormone replacement which replaces natural estrogens, progesterones, thyroid hormones, DHEAS, testosterone, etc.
  • Cellular therapy will substitute homeopathically the aging cells in different vital organs, thus maintaining its optimal functionality

Learn More About Rejuvenation Therapy in Mansfield, Ohio

For more about the benefits of choosing alternative and holistic healthcare, including alternative detox therapy, please visit The Get Well Center education center. At The Get Well Center, we’re ready to help our clients. Visit the link below to learn more!