Greek Test (RGCC)

At The Get Well Center, we are committed to offering cutting-edge services to support our patients on their health journeys. Our Greek Cancer Test, also referred to as RGCC testing, is an innovative and efficient way to identify and address cancer. Embracing this modern holistic approach, we’ve refined cancer diagnostics and treatment to better suit individual needs.

Our Greek Testing process takes place in three sequential steps, designed to help us pinpoint the most effective course of action for your healing journey. By employing this analytical method, we’re able to devise bespoke alternative cancer treatment protocols tailored to your unique requirements.

Experience the empowering potential of personalized care at The Get Well Center. Trust in our dedication to your well-being, with the Greek Cancer Test playing an integral role in creating a customized treatment regimen specifically for you. Together, let’s commit to pursuing a healthier and more fulfilling future.

Cancer Treatment. No two experiences are the same. Your body is a unique system that deserves treatment tailored to its specific chemical needs.

The Greek Test provides a thorough analysis of your blood. It isolates, and identifies the type of cancer cells in your body. This panel is then examined to see which of a number of chemotherapies and other cancer treatments, will be most effective. Thus providing you with the information you need to start your most effective path toward healing.

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What to expect during a Greek Test

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First, you visit our office, where we take a blood sample. 

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Then we send the sample to RGCC, a genetic research center to determine what’s causing the cancer to grow.

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Finally, we use that information to develop an alternative cancer treatment plan targeted toward your body. 

How Does Greek Testing Help My Alternative Cancer Treatment?

With the Greek Test, you can learn what treatments to pursue without wasting time with a number of hit-and-miss approaches. It’s time to take control of you cancer treatment with the help of the Get Well Center. Contact us, today, to learn how customized, holistic cancer therapy can help treat you better.